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Airsoft Gun repair library pictures are organized by mechbox version...

The following is a listing of airsoft gun models and the version number mechbox-gearbox that corresponds to specific airsoft gun model and styles. In general most airsoft gun manufacturers including Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, G&G, Cyma, Jing Gong (JG), UTG, etc; follow this same version/model/mechbox standard. Please note that variations exist among manufacturers ie: A Classic Army version two gearbox will not be the same as a Tokyo Marui type 2. You can browse our airsoft gun parts library and see if you can find archived repair pictures of your AEG or gas pistol.  Need to purchase replacement airsoft gun parts for your Electric airsoft AEG? Check out our Airsoft Gun Parts Catalog

Version 1 Mechbox: FA-MAS F1, FA-MAS SV
Version 2 Mechbox: CAR15, M16A1, M16VN, M16A2, M4A1, M4A1 RIS, M16-CQB
SR-16, XM177e2, M733, M4-S, G3A3, G3A4, G3 SG-1, T3-K1, T3-K3, T3-RIS
MC-51, G3 SAS, MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5SD5,
Version 3 Mechbox: G36C, SIG 550, SIG 551, SIG 552, AK47,
AK47S, AK Beta Spetsnaz, AUG, AUG Military, UMP, MP5K, MP5K-PDW, MP40
Version 4 Mechbox: PSG-1
Version 5 Mechbox: UZI
Version 6 Mechbox: M1A1, P90, P90TR
Version 7 Mechbox: M14
Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifles:L96
R8 and Pulse R72 Repairs
Hop Up Repairing
Airsoft gun Repair Help
Star FN2000

Version 1 Mechbox Repair
Version 2 Mechbox Repair
Version 3 Mechbox Repair
Version 4 Mechbox Repair
Version 5 Mechbox Repair
Version 6 Mechbox Repair
Version 7 Mechbox Repair
Airsoft Gun Emergencies
Boyi Metal M4 Pictorial
Custom Airsoft Guns
Airsoft Gas Pistol Repair
Airsoft Sniper Rifles
JG36 Airsot Repair Manual
G&G L85 Airsoft gun repairs
Thompson Airsoft Repair
MP7 Airsoft Gun Repairs
Airsoft Hop Up Repair
Airsoft Gun Repair Help
R8 and R72 Airsoft Gun Repair
AGM MP44 Repair Pictures
Airsoft 552 Gun Repairs
Airsoft Gun Pictorial

The list of air soft guns and mechbox, gearbox models is changing all the time due to the exploding popularity of airsoft in the USA. Many of the replica models listed above are now manufactured by more than one company. Airsoft soft gun manufacturing companies are listed in China, Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany, USA and more.

The list above is meant as a general guide to airsoft gun repair and is not all inclusive. Many changes and constant evolutions in the airsoft industry are taking place daily.  Basically we are just pointing out that a classic army version 2 gearbox will be the same as a G&G or a Tokyo Marui and if you have worked on one style of Version 2 or Version 3, then you can most likely succeed with repairing other manufacturers Version 2 models . This is not always the case as shown with the V7 mechbox repair pictures of the Tokyo marui m14 and the G&G m14. Although the air soft gun styles are the same the mechbox build is quite different. As more and more companies enter the airsoft manufacturing market, more diverse and innovative airsoft guns are hitting the retail markets. I can only imagine what the future models will be like.

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