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Trouble shooting Airsoft guns

Trouble shooting AEG's or airsoft electric guns can be simple if you
1st. Define the problem
2nd. Eliminate possible simple issues
3rd Perform simple trouble shooting procedures. See chart below.

AEG Troubleshooting Chart

Gun Does Nothing

This means no noise or action at all when trigger is pulled.

Check Battery

A quick battery test can be done if you have a second gun or second battery that is known to power a gun set up to shoot the same velocity as the one you are troubleshooting. One rule of thumb to follow with upgrades exceeding velocities of 350 FPS for speed or 375 FPS for torque, upgrade your battery to a 9.6 volt NiMh 2300 Mah or better for best AEG performance. You can get more information by reading airsoft gun battery tips and care article here.

Check Fuse

You will first have to locate the fuse, and the best I can do is tell you in most airsoft gun models the fuse will be found close to the point the battery plugs into the gun. It may be located under the front grips, or in the stock  depending on the model and battery location. A multimeter is the proper way to test for continuity across the fuse contacts, but for a quick test you can just remove the fuse and connect the two contacts together directly, If the gun fires, replace the fuse. If the fuse continues to blow, then you will need to continue troubleshooting to find the source of the shorted circuit.

Airsoft gun electric fuse location

Check Connections
This means check all external connection points for loose or broken wires or connectors. Look for pinched wires that may be shorting out. To get to the motor leads you will need to remove the hand grip plate. Be careful as you remove base plate as some airsoft models have a motor spacer under the plate. Heat shrink tubing is used to cover some quick disconnect terminals that allow for gun breakdown and maintenance.

Gun Fire's but no BB's Exit

This airsoft gun troubleshooting category is self explanatory. If you are having constant jamming issues, check the quality and size of your airsoft bb's.

Check Magazine

Check airsoft gun magazines and be sure they are feeding bb's into your gun properly. Never leave bb's in magazine during long storage periods as it will cause the spring in the magazine to become weak. At the top of most airsoft gun magazines there is a small spring loaded tab you can depress to unload bb's.

Check for barrel obstruction

Airsoft BB jams can typically be detected by a noticeable sound change when you fire your gun. Use your cleaning, unjamming rod that came with your gun to clear a jam. Do not keep firing when your gun is jammed or gearbox damage will occur. Clean your barrel after every use with cleaning rod and airsoft gun safe silicone oil to help prevent frequent gun jamming.

Check Hop Up Adjustment

The hop up unit puts a backspin on your bb. This gives your gun better accuracy and allows the bb's to fly straighter when properly adjusted. If your bb's curve up then you need less hop (adjust counterclockwise) If your bb's curve downward then more hop is needed. When properly adjusted bb's will fly straight and the distance bb's fly should be should be 100 feet or more depending on your gun. The rubber hop up bucking and nub are the internal working parts of your hop up unit and should be replaced on a yearly or bi-yearly schedule. Always adjust your hop up unit to off when done using your gun for the day. On most dial type hop up units clockwise is "More Hop"" and counterclockwise is hop "off". On new or rebuilt airsoft guns turning the hop to full "on" can cause damage to your airsoft gun as the bb's will be blocked.

Perform Motor Alignment

Airsoft gun motors can vibrate out of adjustment or alignment causing gearbox lockup. Readjusting the motor is simple, but will vary depending on which airsoft model gearbox is in your gun. To perform this procedure properly you should remove hand grip baseplate or hand grip depending on model and remove motor. Check motor pinion gear for signs of unusual wear which could indicate internal gear box problems. Re-install motor and adjust pinion gear spacing with set screw adjustment as shown below. Turn set screw clockwise until it is snug...not tight. Now turn counterclockwise 1 1/2 turns. Attempt to fire the gun. Continue adjusting in counterclockwise 1/4 turn at a time until motor and gears sound quiet and run smoothly. Care should be used when removing motor leads to prevent damage.

Airsoft Gun Motor Adjusting

Airsoft Gun Makes Loud Screeching Sound, Gun Tries to Fire but Cannot Fully Complete Cycle

I grouped the above categories together as both will require you to perform motor alignment and or adjustments to troubleshoot the cause of the malfunction. Airsoft guns vibrate a great deal when being fired so you may need to use thread locker on the adjustment screw threads to keep the adjuster from vibrating out of adjustment.


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