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Sure Ways to Break Your Metal Gearbox AEG

Airsoft guns are electric powered or propellant powered mechanical devices with moving parts. These parts will wear out over time and must be replaced or reconditioned at regular intervals. With proper care, lubrication and preventative maintenance practices you can prolong the time between repairs and breakdowns. You can further extend the life of your airsoft gun by avoiding these practices.

Do not use cheap BB's. They will jam in the barrel. Serious bb jams can cause your tappet plate to break or mess up the hop up system on your airsoft gun. Poor quality or lightweight bb's may also shatter in the barrel of your gun creating a safety hazard for others. Use Only .20 gram or heavier weight, precision, seamless bb's in Metal gearbox AEG's.

Do Not use used bb's!

Do not fire your airsoft gun in continuous or sustained long burst of full automatic operation with or without bb's. Commonly called "hosing the gun".

Do not continuously dry fire your gun

Do not keep firing when gun is jammed, you will cause internal damage. Stop firing once the jam is detected, disconnect battery and attempt to unjam from end of barrel with unjamming rod provided with your gun. Remove your magazine and insert angled end of cleaning rod in barrel end and gently try to push the jammed bb-bb's out of the magazine bb feeding tube. You may have to field strip the gun and use the unjamming rod to clear the jammed BB's from the other side of your airsoft gun.

Do not use petroleum base oil or lubricant on your airsoft gun.  It will break down (damage) the plastic and rubber parts. Use only non petroleum based silicone or lithium type grease and oil.

Do not use aerosol spray lubricants. Fluorocarbons and propellants can break down the rubber and plastic in your hop up unit.  Use only liquid based silicone oils.

Do not keep firing your gun if the sound significantly changes. If you are having mechanical problems you will only make them worse and possibly cause much more internal damage if you keep using the gun. Many times a simple motor adjustment is all that is needed to get you back in the game.

Do Not, Not clean your airsoft gun barrel after each use.

Here is a link to the recommended type airsoft gun oil

Do Not Over tighten screws, they can be stripped easily. Replica guns do not use the same highly tempered steel found on actual firearms.

Do Not  Forget to periodically check your airsoft gun for loose screws, pin's and connectors. It is a good idea to check over your airsoft gun and magazines at this time as well.  AEG's vibrate a lot during use and it is very common for pins screws and connectors to vibrate loose.




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