P08 Airsoft Pistol Parts
P08 Gas Airsoft Pistol Parts Catalog

The WE P08 gas blow back airsoft gun parts catalog features replacement part kits, and individual repair parts for all 3 model's of the P08 gas blowback series pistols. Airsoft gas pistol parts are available for Series S, M and L versions.

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The P08 series are replica's of the german luger type pistol's used around 1915. The P08, S series has a 4 inch barrel and was the first luger model to be adopted and used in WW1 by the german military around 1908. The P08 M series is the 6 inch luger model. and the L series is the 8 inch artillery model.

Below are some numbered replacement part diagrams for the p08 models to help you in your search for replacement airsoft luger parts.

P08 Airsoft Parts Diagram

Below are the custom part listings for the P08 M and L airsoft gun model series. Please note our airsoft gun parts catalog designates below pistol part numbers with a M or a S suffix.

P08 Airsoft Gas Pistol Parts Catalog M series

P08 gas pistol parts L series

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