M1A1 or 1928 Thompson Airsoft Gun Parts
Replacement parts for M1A1 Airsoft Guns

M1A1 and 1928 style airsoft gun replacement parts will fit Thompson licensed soft air model airsoft electric guns. Parts are compatible with Tokyo Marui M1A1 airsoft guns, plus Cyber and King Arms airsoft models. M1A1 Gear box replacement and upgrade parts are compatible with all version six style gear boxes.

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About Licensed Thompson Airsoft Replacement Parts

Welcome to our airsoft gun repair parts catalog for the Thompson electric airsoft guns. Airsoft repairs catalog selection includes parts for most models on the market today. We have included many of the replacement parts for the 1928 airsoft tommy gun as well as the M1A1 series. Many of the internal parts of the M1A1 and 1928 models are interchangeable. This includes the gearbox, motor, stock, handgrip plus the hop up or spin up units can also be swapped between the two models.

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